Welcome to a quick tour of activities in the Seattle area and greater Pacific Northwest region!

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Downtown Seattle is just a 30-minute drive from Cascadia. From there you can take a ferry to Bainbridge Island, Vashon Island, or the Olympic Penninsula.

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Washington has the largest ferry system in the entire US! You can easily take a ferry and travel just 20-30 minutes to a neighboring island!

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Enjoy a visit to the Seattle Center on Seattle's famous monorail. The Experience Music Project, a music museum, is just one of the many exciting destinations.

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The Bite of Seattle is an annual food festival held in July at the Seattle Center; look at the food booths behind our students!

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These are Native American totem poles in the famous Pioneer Square area of downtown Seattle.

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This is Volunteer Park, a famous park in downtown Seattle where the famous martial artist Bruce Lee is buried.

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Seattle also has a small but vibrant International District/Chinatown!

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In the Spring, we enjoy the famous tulips of Skagit Valley, just an hour north of Cascadia.

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The Skagit River is busy with salmon and with bald eagles! This is artwork that represents nature at the Skagit River.

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In addition to many lakes and rivers, the Puget Sound is a beautiful waterway. The beaches are mostly composed of stones (not sand) and lined with driftwood logs.

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Mount Rainier is always a popular trip! Have you ever seen snow?

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On the way to Mount Rainier, you'll pass The Northwest Trek where you may see elk and many other wild animals.

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Snoqualmie Falls is located about 45 minutes from Cascadia. It is a magnificent waterfall that also generates electricity for the city.

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The snow was especially heavy when we traveled to the Bavarian town of Leavenworth, Washington.

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Cascadia offers group excursions south to Oregon and north to British Columbia. Here students are traversing a cable bridge on one of the many wilderness trails.

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Vancouver, British Columbia’s Sun Yat Sen Garden, a place of peace and tranquility.

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Vancouver, BC is also a beautiful city with lots of water and mountains nearby, and even airplanes that land on the water!

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A nice sandy beach on the Oregon coast, a good place to visit in the summer!


Cascadia is located just 19km from downtown Seattle. Sound Transit Bus 522 makes 42 stops at Cascadia every weekday. All new students are invited to a Seattle city walking tour during orientation week. There are lots of things to do in downtown Seattle. Join us for our City Fun activities and enjoy the great city of Seattle!

Outdoor Adventures

Washington state is famous for its natural beauty. The mountains and the water are very important to the quality of life here. Cascadia plans a few wonderful excursions throughout the year that take you outdoors and into nature. Here are some of our more popular activities! Also, Cascadia student clubs frequently enjoy the outdoors as well. We encourage our students to join a club, make friends and be active!

Go beyond Washington to Canada and other places!

International students at Cascadia have an opportunity to go beyond Washington! We travel as a group to the Canadian province of British Columbia, where we often visit Vancouver and/or Victoria. We would also like to take groups of students to Oregon and even to California! By the way, did you know that one highway, named Interstate 5, connects Seattle with Canada and Mexico? And another highway, named Interstate 90, connects Seattle with Chicago and Boston?

Come to Cascadia and you can enjoy all the beautiful attractions throughout the Pacific Northwest. What are you waiting for?