Cascadia makes it easy to get involved and make friends with other students.

The Student Life Office offers events, programs, and services which encourage student involvement in the campus community and enhance the educational aspects of Cascadia. The cultural, social, recreational, and educational programs supported and developed by Student Life are designed to create a positive learning experience, assist students in developing leadership and life skills, and promote awareness and understanding about student, community, and social issues. Student Life is also the point of contact for student clubs, student government, and organizations.

Students are encouraged to join campus organizations to build lasting friendships, provide unique educational opportunities, and establish support systems of peers, faculty, and staff advisors.

Examples of student clubs include:

  • Cascadia Sustainable Energy Club
  • Creative Arts Club
  • Debate Club
  • Drama Club
  • Foodie Club
  • Gay Straight Alliance
  • Glee Club
  • Japanese Culture Club
  • National Society for Leadership and Success
  • The Next Generation IT Club
  • Outdoor Adventure Club
  • Swing Dancing Club
  • Various sports clubs including soccer, basketball, softball, flag football, and hacky sack